Organicsway's bee farm is located at the foothills of the Dandenong and Yarra Ranges. It is our permanent apiary site in a fertile local ecosystem with beautiful blossoms and sufficient pollen almost all year round. We reside in this site for queen breeding, royal jelly prodcution, beekeeping training, live bee tour and more.

A Bijou Shop

Our onsite shop with a demo room is open to public to taste a wide range of our single varietal raw honey, learn about honeybees and beekeeping tools, enjoy its scenic view

and have gengle honeybees buzzing around.

About Bees

It is great to learn more about honeybees. It is fascinating to have a look at our hives onsite, observe how bees go out to forage and com back to their hives. It's fun to see they carry two pollen 'balls' at the their rear legs and comb back 'home'.

It's strongly recommended for new beekeepers to take a short course to learn the basic knowledge and skills. Talking to experienced local beekeeper is very helpful because beekeeping is location based, especially for hobby beekeepers.


We offer quality pollination services 

Please feel free to contact us for request of any pollination service to discuss in details.

75% of the world’s 115 most important food
crops require pollination to produce fruits, nuts and seeds. They account for one third of the $3 trillion worth of agricultural produce sold each year. These crops provide 35% of the calories we consume yearly and most of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Seven of the nine crops that provide at least half the vitamin C to the human diet depend on insect pollination. They include oranges, cabbages, peppers, tomatoes, melons, tangerines and watermelons. Five major fruit crops (apple, almond, avocado, blueberry and cranberry) are reliant on insect pollination.

In Australia more than one third of beekeepers offer pollination service. Renting honeybees for almond is the largest pollination industry in Australia. Some crops e.g. almond, avocados, blueberries etc. have a 100 percent dependency on honeybee pollination. The demand of pollination service is now much higher than supply from Australian beekeepers today. There is an anticipated approximately 20 percent gap of beehives for this industry in Australia. Beekeepers tend to offer this service for a decent income source while it requires higher maintenance effort and cost as well as travel expense.



1. Organicsway is specialised in queen rearing. We keep both Italian and Carniolan honey bees. Our honey bees are incredibly gentle and easy to work with without compromising their highly productive characteristics. They are also more likely to forage on cool, overcast days than others. Thanks to our queen bees, we can achieve such wonderful honey bee colonies.

2. Queen rearing is the process of producing queen honey bees. The process starts from a good breeder queen to graft larvae from. Grafting larvae requires clear eyesight with good light as well as concentration. Good understanding of bee biology is prerequisite, for example being able to recognise larvae that are younger than 24 hours to graft. Full preparation and planning are critical to successful queen rearings too as we simply have to follow law of nature, i.e. timing is vital.

3. Besides all this required knowledge and skills, its success is also subject to weather and environment that experienced apiarists have to adapt to, and it varies from region to region, year to year. Further selection following queen rearing requires culling to carry out and brings about the lines to be propagated. This is a required and continuous process to ensure the right specifications for progeny. Drone rearing (male bees) also forms an indispensable part of the entire process but is likely to be neglected.

4. Organicsway is committed to deliver hygiene, productive and gentle queen bees to both commercial and hobby beekeepers, no job too big or too small. Our principles simply come down to one key point that is sustainability, which is of prime importance not just to us but also to other apiarists, bees, and environment.

Jay Hu - Founder of Organicsway 

As a beekeeper Jay operates his hives across multiple apiaries based in Victoria, Australia - most of them are remote. He’s passionate about bee conservation and sustainability. He is committed to promote and maintain the health and well-being of his honey bees. Jay is very proud to supply our customers with pure, unpasteurised honey, and other bee products collected by his bees. He also sells quality queens and nucs to other hobby and commercial beekeepers. Queen rearing is one of his specialities that identifies and maintains desirable traits in his stock. It is of importance to make our bees more tolerant to environmental changes. 
In addition to looking after the bees, he conducts beekeeping seminars and live bee tours as well as actively offers public educational talks across Melbourne from primary schools to community libraries. 
This is how he can help sustain and replenish bees with his care and public presentations. 

+ Provenance

Our hives are carefully placed in selected clean sites. They are remote and green.

+ Aspirational

The best way we are fighting bee decline is keeping strong bee hives. The stronger hive, the healthier bees, the better trees.

+ Heritage

We take care of every step from the bees to you. A high apiarist to hive ratio is retained to achieve the best attention.


Organicsway is a family apiary business with a four-generation heritage. We source natural bee-made products with expert skill and minimal intervention from our beekeepers in the heartland of Australia’s south-east. At our apiary sites, our happy bees forage on native flora and pollinate a fertile ecosystem.


The organic diversity of Australia’s bushland is fed by plentiful rain and regenerated through fire, and has more floral species than anywhere else in the world. Bees collect nectar and pollen from a lush habitat, feeding on wattles, banksia and eucalyptus, along with native berries, wild herbs and indigenous flowers. The result is beautifully perfumed honey and nutrient-rich royal jelly.


With over 130 years’ learned experience, we/our beekeepers harvest the products of well-tended, hardworking bees with careful handling and eco-friendly practices. You can taste the forest’s natural flavours in Organicsway honey and fortify your wellness with our ethically harvested pure royal jelly. Its complex composition of proteins, amino acids and vitamins is essential to the fast development of strong, healthy and productive hives, and has long been used in Chinese and Western health practices for an array of nourishing therapeutic benefits.